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Career Test FAQs

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What is the Career Test?
Our Career Test is a 90-minute test that reveals your interests and aptitude along with a list of recommended careers.
Who should take the Career Test?
Any student studying in Class 8 to Class12 can take this test.
Why should I take the test?
Class 8-12 is the time when most students decide on what subjects to study. This will influence the career you have for the next 40 years.
How can I take the test?
Register on  to take the career test. 
How can a career test help me?
If these tests are taken seriously and honestly, results will help get a clearer picture about your abilities and interests. The test will also give your suitable career options in the results sheet.
Can I prepare for the test?
Candidates do not require any prior preparation. You can take the sample test to get an idea of the actual test.
How can I get my results?
Candidates will immediately get a printable result sheet after completion of all the tests.
What do I do if I can't understand my results?
You can book an appointment with one of our career counselors.

Career Counseling FAQs

How can I schedule an appointment?
Select a counselor from our panel. You will be able to see the dates and times that the counselor is free. Click on a date accordingly. You will receive an email confirming the details.
What if the counselor is not able attend?
Another appointment will be scheduled free of cost at a date and time convenient to you and the counselor.
What if I am unable to attend on the chosen day and time?
We require an email from you with at least 24 hours notice in the event that you will not be able to attend the session.
Why should I take a counseling session with CareerFundas?
Our counselors have extensive experience in guiding students. They will help you to understand the ground realities and prospects of your chosen career.
How good are your counselors?
We have two types of counselors - professionally qualified counselors and graduates from world-class institutes such as the IITs and IIMs.